What I Left Out

What I Left Out

By the time I finished running the race, I figured I’d better take a long break, drink lots of water and just plumb cool out. I had been training for months, 6 days on, 1 day off. Life will be odd without the hectic rush and push of trying to get everything done to get the training packed into my day. Now I feel a piece is missing from my life. I have nothing to work toward. It’s almost as if I have to immediately find something else to gather my steam for, or I’ll melt away into the nothingness that slowly gathers around me.

Does that story sound familiar?

I hear this story often in my sessions. Clients seem to do whatever they can to run away from silence and peace. This happens particularly after something cataclysmic changes their lives in a big way. It seems like everything that could heal a person (God, Spirit, silence, meditation, peace) is exactly what they run away from.

I have a friend I spoke with recently who told me that she is an empty-nester. She likes to fill her life up with lots of activities. Especially since she just broke up with her boyfriend of 1 1/2 years. Now what is there to come home to but silence?

Trust me, within that silence there is a world of wisdom, power and truth that Spirit wishes to tether you to. If you don’t engage spirit in meditation and silence, you simply won’t move forward in life and in relationship. In the silence there is peace. In the silence there is unspoken joy. In the silence Spirit it removes us from the past and prepares us for our next perfect stage in life.

Bite down hard and resist all desire to fight what is needed in your life. From this silence comes a new birth.


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