What I Never Expected in the Small Box Under the Tree

Have you ever played Secret Santa and picked a box that you were sure had the perfect gift in it, only to find out that it was a Russian nesting of boxes that ended up one small box of coal?

This week I opened up my heart to something that was completely unexpected. The box seemed simple and unassuming—the ribbon tidy—the color of the wrap pleasing to the eye. But when I opened it, something popped out that didn’t match what I was looking for at all.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about opening your heart to new things in your life to keep life exciting. I think I should add to that unwrapping a gift that is not the one you normally pick and see what unfolds.

I’ve had a smile on my face for two days just thinking about how far in advance God had to plan for to surprise me—10 years, at least. Now I’m connecting with something new in my heart that is a cross between trembling and exciting. I find myself with an entirely new energy unfolding, and I’m totally ready for it.

As you may have guessed, what I’m talking about isn’t an actual gift under the tree. It is an experience that I’m glad to be having just before New Years. Some hold fast to the idea that what you are doing on New Years is indicative of what your year will be about. Last year was about a break-up. This year Unlimited Source provides all that I need to be fully living life to the utmost. I holding on to that belief with all my heart.

There is a service that the New Thought tradition of Christianity uses to conclude the year and begin a new year. It is called the Burning Bowl Ceremony. In this tradition, every one in the group writes down on a piece of paper a list of actions or behaviors he or she would like to obliterate from existence! Then you build a fire. One by one you drop your list into the fire and pray a prayer of letting go.

It’s also good to start a vision board for the New Year. You may consider beginning this now. Purchase a corkboard or a large piece of poster board. Take some old magazines and begin cutting out pictures that you would want to put in a wish book for yourself. You can also cut out words. If you can’t find the words you want, you can print them out in big, bold letters on your printer. Then begin to glue the pictures and words, like a collage, onto the board until it holds your unlimited vision for the New Year.

The next thing you should do is hang this vision board in a place in your house that is your prosperity corner. In Feng Shui (the art of decoration through spirituality) the prosperity corner is always to the far right corner as you enter a room. So, if your goal is to have a loving relationship and a business that is prospering, you should clearly have that expressed on your board and hanging in the appropriate area.

Every morning, make a point of connecting with the vision board in meditation or in prayer. You will be surprised how many of your dreams come true when you allow yourself to dream.

Nastia Liukin, the USA all-around gold medalist gymnast, from the 2008 Olympics, said that she hung a picture of herself holding her mother and father’s Olympic gold medals on her vision board. Every morning she would look at the board and imagine herself winning the Olympic Gold before she set out practice. Eventually, she won the gold!

Today, not two weeks from now, is the day you need to begin considering what your New Year will look like. If you need help sorting things out, you know where I am and what number to call. Namaste.

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