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About four weeks ago, I got a message on my computer: You are running out of memory. So, of course, I looked at the videos and music and pictures that could be erased or archived, because that’s where most of the memory goes. Something strange happened in the process. Suddenly, many very important documents were gone—disappeared—nowhere to be found. I did a search for them, as I have been working on a Mac since its inception. I looked in the trash. Nothing!

Some of the documents that were lost were files that I hadn’t look at in a very long time, so they weren’t in any current searches. They were files with important information on them, that I thought I had backed up, but hadn’t in way too long. Most of the files, though, were books that I had published in the document and .html form. When an author doesn’t have the original book, he really has to start over and type it again. Needless to say, I was disheartened… for about an hour. Then, I thought to myself, I can do nothing about this right now. I’m going to just let it go. Everything is in divine order. I believe that. So, if I have to type something over or need information I can’t find, this, too, is for a reason. I meant my affirmation!

So, I let is go. Today, as I was working on a computer, I went to look for MP3’s I had made of accompaniments for Equity audition for musicals. As it turns out, I have two auditions in the coming weeks. So, I wanted to begin to prepare. As I searched the computer, again, I came up empty. What the heck? I thought. Where did all this information go?

I decided to search in the files that had music in them. One folder I had never put anything in is the Audio Folder that is a template folder that comes with the computer. Since I have gotten my MacBook Pro, I have never even looked in that folder or purposely put anything in it. However, today, as a last ditch effort, I opened the folder. It had 1 item in it. The item was a folder that read: Recovered Files. In that folder was every file I had lost!

I was so relieved, but also a little curious too. I felt it was a test from Spirit. Or, if you want to believe it another way, a test from my own soul about letting things go and trusting the universe to take care of even my smallest needs. I felt good and stronger to have passed the test, if that is what it was. I became even more thankful that my many books, book ideas, and information documents, like taxes, were saved from complete dissolution! Thank you, God!

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