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When you face your fears in life, you will never regret your actions! Not one. When you feel a fear, realize it is more of a gauge than a hindrance. Fear is a natural impulse of the human, animal instinct. It provides you with safety and adrenaline to escape danger. However, in a world where you do not generally have to run away from lions, tigers, and bears, this natural impulse can turn on you and cause anxiety and stress, using the exact same chemicals that were supposed to protect you. So, you must begin to control the fear impulse and teach yourself what to do when your feel your fears triggered.

If you feel fear, the first thing to do is to look at your options. If you cannot see any, ask a friend or a therapist for help. The only reason why you feel trapped is because you cannot see a way out. So, finding a way to circumvent the fear is a good option.

Of course, the best way a healthy person can approach fear is to face it; talk to it, and figure out from where it came. For example: you have always wanted to be a singer, but every time you pick up a hymnal in church, a horrible fear runs through your body, forcing you to mouth the words, instead of sing. You’ve heard yourself sing in the shower. Your voice sounded a lot better than the 90-year old woman screaming out that high note, and yet, still nothing comes out of your mouth.

So, you decide to take a good look at that fear and face it. You go to a therapist. She helps you realize that when you were a kid, your first grade teacher asked you to mouth the words to a song in the choir, because you were singing off pitch. From then on, you have not only felt mute when it comes time to sing, but you feel afraid of being judged. Alas, you have found the reason for the fear.

The therapist suggests you take some vocal lessons to see just how good of a singer you are. On the first few lessons, you are still very frightened to let go. But, eventually, you get comfortable with your teacher and the exercises. Finally, you sing full-throttle. What comes out of your mouth is nothing near professional. In fact, it may still be a little off key. But, your teacher gives you some exercises in ear training to help that problem.

The path to understanding fear and facing it is really about discovering it. Perhaps, looking for its inception. Finding a way to face it and learn about it. Then, by slowly approaching it, you realize you had nothing to fear at all. In fact, you were much better than you thought you were. You may never become a professional, but you can sing proudly at church or maybe even join the choir someday.

Fear is simply a gauge. In fact, when something scares you now, you can know with certainty that the very thing that frightens you will be your new best friend!


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