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I’m very sensitive to smell when I’m in crowded places. Sometimes in church or at a mall, I’ll sense ten different colognes and body odors. I feel as though someone has attacked me physically through my olfactory system in those situations. Other times, light can be too bright or too neon for my eyes. I’ll get a headache or a migraine, if I don’t protect my eyes. If I eat something that is slightly amiss from the taste I’m expecting, I assure you, I’m going to send it back to be cooked correctly. Most people would say, I’m simply a pain in the ass to be around. But what I have is actually on the cusp of adult autism called Sensory Defensiveness.

Sometimes I walk into my home and catch a whiff of something putrefying or dank. My senses are like a dog’s, so most people don’t even notice what I smell. I begin to sniff through the house until I uncover the odor. Sometimes, it’s a rotten potato at the bottom of the 10 lb. bag. Sometimes, it’s a dishcloth that soured. Other times, it’s a vegetable in the garbage can that became rotten. Whatever it is, I can’t sleep until I find the culprit and get it out of the house. My Sensory Defensiveness is more about smells than anything else, but yours could be any one of the senses. For instance, I have a friend who can’t listen to something off pitch. The instrument makes her cringe inside as if someone is sliding a diamond across a piece of glass.

If you’re never heard this term, I’m not surprised. I didn’t discover what ailed me until someone handed me the book: Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight, by Sharon Heller, which explains the not-so-rare phenomena. About 10% of us have this disease. Most studies were with children, because some are very sensitive to the taste and textures of food, and others want to be in the quiet, as noise triggers their defensiveness. Occupational Therapists often see these kinds of cases with children. But with adults, the case studies are more rare.

Quite honestly, I breathed a sigh of relief. Just knowing that there is a reason why I go to a bar and want to fall asleep, or scream, or get the feeling of being overly stimulated in crowds and at shopping marts. My neural pathways in my brain fire too quickly, causing this adverse effect in my body. Many ways exist to help calm my mind and slow down the hurling thoughts and impressions when I’m over stimulated.

I can help as a life coach and hypnotist to calm your mind and change your exhausting world to one of peace and strong personal choice! If you have been experiencing this social and environmental anxiety, just pick up the phone and call me for an appointment. I promise, I can help, almost immediately.

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