What Keeps You from Your Greatness? #prayer

Most of us immediately think the answer to this question is probably some kind of bad behavior or negative thinking. I have been leaning on this presumption for my entire life, always trying to eradicate the negative, so I can invite more positive thinking into my life. However, sometimes I need to go back and reread the directions to make sure I am praying according to the One Divine Law and not praying amiss. So, when I operate on the correct premise, what I have in mind—whether positive or negative beliefs—WILL PRODUCE IN KIND!

Let’s use a metaphor to create an understanding of Divine Law. I plugged in my stove into an electrical outlet. I turned on the burner and placed a pot of cold water on the burner. I let the water boil. I placed in the water some uncooked pasta. Then, I cooked the pasta, to create a fabulous Italian meal, with leftovers.

We have many laws working together to cause the effect of the boiling water and secondary effect of the beautiful meal. These laws are, metaphorically, the same laws as affirming intentions for our lives. Let’s take a closer look:

First, we have Divine Power that we will relate to the electrical current causing the stove to get hot. Second, we have a stove, which acts as a medium for the electrical current. Third, we have a person who must turn on the power. Fourth, we have the pot of cold water, which is the idea. Fifth, we must wait for the pot of water to boil. Sixth, we have the boiling water, which is the primary effect. Seventh, we have a secondary effect, the boiled pasta. Eighth, we have the completed meal, the desired effect. Lastly, we may have some leftovers for some days to come.

Let’s look at this metaphorically in terms of Praying According to Divine Law:

  1. Divine Power (Electrical Current): Everything and everyone is connected to Divine Power. The bible says that we were created in the image of it. The Apostle Paul said that we can do all things through It. So, we must acknowledge this important understanding of the greatest Law of all—God—or Eternal Existence. (I’m not opposed to you calling this power anything you wish, as long as it doesn’t make this power smaller than it is.)
  2. Consciousness (the conduit—the stove): For Divine Power to have an effect in this world, it must have a source or conduit to move through. You, precious Being, are that conduit. Let’s call this source your Highest Self or Consciousness.
  3. Your Individualized Self (the person turning on the stove): For you to be a conduit for the Divine Mind, you must agree to the law that “by turning on the stove, you will get the power to heat the pot of water.” (Notice, I did not say that you must understand the miracle of electricity, how it works, or why it comes to you directly from the outlet. You simply understand the one, basic principle, that by turning on the stove you get heat.) This concept is neither good, nor bad.
  4. The Idea Itself. (the pot of cold water): When the law of electricity is turned on by you, and you add to it an idea (the pot of water), you now have created an instance in your life where you have put the power of law (electricity) to work. This is called an intention.
  5. Salivating: You know that, eventually, you will have a meal. You even can taste the pasta before it ever becomes real, causing your body to salivate. Let’s call this the (thanking stage of the process), where you say, “I love Italian Food. Thank you, God, for creating tomatoes and sweet basil!”
  6. Wait and Release: No matter how much you desire for that pot to boil, watching or forcing it will not help. Divine Law must do the work. So, you must (release your control into the hands of the law, which you believe will work).
  7. The Effect (the pot of boiling water): When the law of electricity is turned on, by means of the stove’s power to heat it, it automatically creates the effect of the boiling pot of water. (Notice, again, I have not said that any of this is either good or bad. I have not done so, because this law works whether you leave the pot on the stove too long and burn your meal, or if you use it to boil the best pasta ever to make a perfect Italian meal. Both effects come from the same cause.)
  8. The Secondary Effect (touching the pot): When you set Divine Law into motion, It creates an effect. If you don’t understand the effect, such as a curious child wanting to touch everything he sees—reaching out to touch the hot pot will result in another, secondary effect: a burned finger.
  9. Intention: Say you have set out to create this perfect meal using the law, but you left the water boil for too long and had mushy pasta. You may want to go over the process one more time, tweak it, read the directions again, and correct your misperception about how long the pasta should cook. I would recommend doing this aloud! (Intentions are basically telling yourself that the truth works, until you see it manifest perfectly in your life.) Sometimes, it takes practice to see results. Intentions invite your mind to believe that the process will always manifest a result according to your belief.

Now, I will show you how you can use this Divine Law to your benefit by praying in accordance with It, rather than praying amiss.

When you desire something in your life, let’s say it’s a new job, here is what you must do to work with Divine Law to manifest what you have believed in your mind. (I will remind you in parenthetical phrases the metaphor I have used above to help you understand the directions more clearly.)

  1. You must first acknowledge the Divine Law works (electricity creates heat), without distinction or judgment.
  2. You must acknowledge that (you) hold the power—as a conduit.
  3. Then you must plug into this Divine Law (the stove).
  4. Set the law into motion by creating a positive intention (turning on the stove.) An simple example would be to say: “Divine Law always works. I am a conduit of this law. I set the intention that the perfect job will come to me now.”
  5. Choose the words carefully so that you use the law to your benefit by stating your truth in present tense, without limiting this power. (Imagining your delicious dinner before you ever start cooking down to the details of the spices and the cooking time.) See your perfect job in your mind, clearly, specifically, and actually imagine sitting at your new desk ready for your new job.
  6. Thank God for this Divine Law and your desired outcome: the job (salivating and thanking God for tomatoes and basil).
  7. Wait and Release your intention to Divine Law! By setting into motion this power through your intention (plugging into source and placing the pot on the stove to boil the water for the pasta), the law of this action must now create the desired effect. It cannot do otherwise. You must release your idea into the hands of this perfect and divine truth and believe it to be so. If you keep taking the pot off of the stove and removing the pasta before its cooked, you may have to wait a lot longer for your results.
  8. Secondary Effects may be the prosperity or good self-esteem you get from this new job, because you have taken a perfectly good thought, (plugged into source and created something wonderful through you), by using this law correctly.
  9. Intentions: This is the added extra (the leftovers). You have used your intention to create the perfect job. This reminds you of your success and the use of right treatment of the law. You may now set more intentions for your amazing life, with less waiting and more manifesting!

And so it is, Beautiful Creation of God!

Coming Up: I’ll be writing more about the power of our Co-Creative Minds!


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