What Kind of Attachment Style Does Your Date/Partner Have?

What Kind of Attachment Style Does Your Date/Partner Have?

It may be very easy to answer questions about yourself, but much harder to see inside another person’s brain. However, what your perspective someone says, how he/she reacts to situations, and what he/she doesn’t say is all very telling if you are listening. Remember, you are looking for lasting relationships. Don’t waste your time with people who are overly avoidant or overly anxious. Here are some things to be aware of:

For an Avoidant Person:

  • They send mixed signals
  • Values his/her independence greatly
  • Devalues you (or previous partners)
  • Uses distancing strategies—emotional or physical
  • Emphasizes boundaries in relationship
  • Has an unrealistic view of how relationship should be
  • Mistrustful—fears being taken advantage of
  • Has rigid views and uncompromising rules
  • During a disagreement explodes and may walk away
  • Doesn’t make his/her intention clear
  • Has difficulty talking about what’s really going on between you

For a Secure Person:

  • This person is reliable and consistent
  • Makes decision with you
  • Has a flexible view of relationships
  • Communicates well
  • Can reach compromises
  • Not afraid of commitment
  • Doesn’t view relationship as hard work
  • Closeness creates further closeness
  • Introduces friends and family early on
  • Naturally expresses feelings for you
  • Doesn’t play games

For an Anxiously Attached Person:

  • Wants a lot of closeness quickly…

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