What Negativity Hides Beneath Power?

I once had a minister friend who had a smile that lit my heart. His charisma and compliments drew me into his life and kept me there for a long while. However, this finely tuned manipulator learned how to use his power to control everything and everyone. It took a metaphoric slap in the face before I realized that beneath this #negative man’s kind veneer was #pure_evil, like the child molester who waits patiently to abuse his prey.

I don’t use this metaphor lightly, because I understand the level of malevolence a narcissists carries. The harm he or she may cause through the destruction of “getting his way” at the cost of everyone involved is pure negative power. I can call it nothing less. If you have been in the presence of someone like this you know what I mean.

Why do I bring this up in a spiritual blog? I share this because we face a rapidly changing world where the people and the earth itself are screaming with frustration. We see it metaphorically in the wide spread fires, tornadoes and physical destruction from planet. We see it clearly in the cries of the people who are being destroyed by fatal gases and bombs. We feel it in our hearts. We wonder how long it will last before something drastic changes to make it all go away. Or will the Earth implode upon itself. Of course, this is our worst fear.

So, as we move forward with our governmental shift, I see narcissism everywhere I look, especially in our leader, who cares not what he says, to whom he says it, and always believes his truth, whether it changes with the wind is exactly right the moment his mind shifts. This slippery slope of power extends even further with the polarization of the republican party taking control and undermining even the laws of the land to get what they want. Those of us who are spiritual and those of us who are privy to the covert betrayal of our equal rights as citizens should stay watchful—very watchful.

As Spiritual Citizens we must fight the good fight with:

  • Letters to government officials,
  • Continually exposing lies,
  • Calling out the covert frenzy of the Right to ameliorate what we know is false and has been false from day one because it does not benefit the whole. 
  • Most importantly, continue to believe that Good ultimately covers and destroys all negativity.

Imagine, if you will, that you enter a dark room. You have in your pocket a flashlight. You close the door. You hear the chatter. You listen to the secrets. You sense the negativity all around you. Until you shine your light, the darkness continues to expand. Only one action changes this scenario: You turning on the light—shining it brightly into the face of negativity and covert lies, exposing what was once covert.

You are that light, my friends. Your only job during all of this negativity is to be light and be it brighter than you have ever been. Shine that light of Good and of God on everyone you know and everyone you see.

The Buddha says:

We often hear others commenting that the world is gloomy. Conflicts and violence are everywhere, and they create agitation and anguish. Buddhists understand these problems and seek for brightness within the dark. From the perspective of Buddha-Dharma, the cause of darkness and chaos in this human world is grounded in the sentient beings themselves. We often think that we are very intelligent and capable. But in actual fact, we are not. We often mistake the bad deed for the good deed, and not many of us are interested in doing good. The activities that bring us suffering are often misconstrued as sources of excitement and happiness. Do you think then that human beings are really so clever and intelligent?

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