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If we believe that we are made of the very substance of the ever-growing universe, the abundant ocean, the silent desert, the beauty of an exotic orchid, and the energy of the sun, then why are we not embracing our good? Something must be inhibiting our happiness, prosperity, peace, and spiritual connection, if we do not currently perceive it, use it, and manifest it. So, what could possibly stand in the way of an All-Powerful God?

As in all paradoxes, we must unhook from the logic and sit apart from the circumstance to challenge our minds to find the answer. For me, I start with changing the question. If God and I are one, as the Master Jesus taught, then I must be doing something… thinking something… or praying amiss… because, at present, I am not exhibiting the peace, wisdom, and prosperity of a child of the Creator.

So, I go back to those great masters of spirituality and walk with them on their paths to peace and knowledge. I listen to the words of those who have found oneness with God and begin to reflect upon how different my walk is from theirs. You may think this is a logical beginning. However, imagining the truth and walking on the path to truth is quite difficult in a world that could cover our days with duties, trials, work, and challenges that encompass our entire mind. With a 12-hour a day job, 2 children, and a house to tend to, when are we to sit quietly in a world that give us no time for such peace?

My friends, it has taken me 55 years to say this. If you do not accept the challenge of owning your life and your choices, you will never become a responsible spiritual man or woman. Yes, a flood of daily duties are set before us to see what we will choose. Will you wake up an hour before the rest of the family to read a little, meditate, ask for guidance for the day, and write in your journal, or will you delight in that one extra hour of sleep, because you are totally exhausted?

What I have found is that releasing that one hour of sleep feels as if it is multiplied by ten when I take the time for peace to enter into my being during meditation. Think of contemplation as a time for divine guidance to accompany you during the day.

If you knew that all of the angels in the universe could change the course of the day so that you would flow with traffic, be directed to your chores in a way where they could be done with ease, and that all of the wisdom of the universe was on your side by meditating, would you—could you—choose NOT to meditate and pray?

I get more done everyday by being led than I ever have by parcing out my duties and letting them bog me down. When I release my life to positive universal force that want to work with me, I not only get my chores done, but I gain spiritual insight while doing them. When I put myself in the place of being open to spiritual insight, then I automatically become at peace.

Here is a prime example of this. One morning I meditated. After the meditation, I felt completely at peace. On the way to work, though, I got in a car accident. It was not major, but it did rattle me for a second. When I parked my car on the side of the road, assessed the damage, and dealt with the matters at hand, instead of bitching about my situation, I wondered, instead, why my path had been altered that day. I became acutely aware of my next steps, because I believed that all things were happening in my favor.

I did not complain. I ended up making a friend of the person who collided with me. She was so amazed that I was not furious with her and the situation that she asked me how I attained such peace. As a result, she ended up becoming a coaching client (gaining prosperity). She was a woman of means and did not want me to take out a claim with my insurance, so she paid in cash for all of my out-of-pocket expenses, which included $500 out of my pocket for my deductible and a rental car (more prosperity). The experience ended up leading me to many new paths, because I was awake for them (peace of mind and spiritual insight). I did not see life or the NOW as something that was to be fought against. I saw it as a flowing energy that I needed to become a part of to experience peace (releasing tension).

I hope you can see the difference. This entire circumstance came from taking the daily time to meditate and memorize the life patterns of peace. It’s only with daily practice that you can allow for these patterns to manifest in your life.


This year, if you desire to commit to a change for a New Year’s Resolution, do it with your MIND first. Remember, as in the title of my new book coming out just in time to help you with this (in January)… lol… that all change happens in your mind, first. You must change your Old Story, to make a consistent and long lasting change in Your Life.

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