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What to Do After You Get Released from THE BETTY FORD! 

  1. Take a shower.
  2. Remember all the things you did before you got to the Betty Ford and hope you get to do them all over again—SOBER!
  3. Pretend you’re happy a lot. Maybe someday you’ll be! It’s your choice.
  4. Get a pet. Learn to take care of someone else with diligence. Watch how much that pet will love your care and tenderness! Then, know that the child in you will feel that same love for this new adult you’re becoming, who actually has become aware of his/her body, health, and the welfare of others.
  5. Take time to INTEND your day. Every morning, before you rush into your life, start with an intention in which you can actually complete and believe. Make it something simple: “I know that I am made of love, so everyone I meet today I will greet with kindness!”
  6. Love flows were rosemary grows. Have you ever smelled fresh rosemary? Rosemary is so fragrant and lovely. Everything that touches it, remembers its beauty. Be like rosemary. Leave that beautiful part of you everywhere you go.
  7. Finally, absolutely know, that as a human being, you are never finished until you take your last breath on this earth. So, today is a fresh start with new chances to be all that you want to be–TODAY!



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