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In a day, I rarely pull away from what’s important in my life. Yet, I hear from many friends and clients that maintaining focus is one of the hardest chores, when everything can change in an instant. For example, you decide you on three simple tasks before work. You have a doctor’s appointment. On the way you want to pick up a prescription that you’ve completely run out of and shouldn’t miss. And you must buy gas.

When you get to your doctor’s appointment a little ahead of time, in hopes that you’ll be seen quicker, you’re told by the lovely attendant that, mistakenly, this appointment is at the doctor’s other office—across town. You still have time to make it to the other office, if you don’t get stuck in traffic. But suddenly, everything you had to do after that falls back a step. Unfortunately, getting gas is a must and so is the medicine, so you need to find time to do those tasks as well. Suddenly, you have to go to the bathroom, really badly. You don’t think you’re going to be able to wait until you get to the doctor’s office. You realize, then, that when you get to work, immediately, you have a conference room meeting with the Board of Directors that you can’t be late for. You begin sweating in your new blue suit. As you drive, you wonder more about running out of gas, then you do about your important presentation to the Board.

So, here are five steps to take what looks to be a mess of a morning into a blessing:

  1. When plans change without your doing, FIRST, always know that there are angels changing your path for a Divine Purpose.
  2. Know that the outcome from this change will also be Divine. Someone, perhaps, will be late for the meeting or it will be cancelled and rescheduled altogether. Maybe you’ll avoid an accident that would have happened had you left the building at another time. You really don’t know. But, accepting that this change BENEFITS YOU, is part of the beauty of these five steps.
  3. Keep your eye on the path that is directly in front of you. Do what you need to do, exactly by order of the path that is set in front of you. In other words, if your plans have been changed, make sure you follow the change exactly. Don’t fight it or resist it. Everything usually falls into place when you don’t resist. Fighting it or getting angry, just stops the divine flow that has been put in place.
  4. Simply call the people that are affected by this change and share your issue. You will find that most people are very forgiving whenever you immediately share that you are going to be late. People often find other things to do while they are waiting. If you just show up late without calling, those same people in your life have every right to be angry. Just take responsibility for your life in that moment and watch the rest of it work out perfectly.
  5. Most importantly, learn to love that not every decision is yours to make in life! The important ones are God’s. So, when a shift in plan takes place, absolutely know that Spirit has gotten involved in your mundane plans for a Divine reason. This should keep you awake and in the Now. There is a Divine Plan in place. You are a part that Divine Plan!

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