When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

I’m consistently wowed by how beautiful life can be, then suddenly, a tornado blows through our peace. In seconds life changes.

We all know that CHANGE is the nature of this ephemeral humanity and the natural world around us, but we still seem to be shocked and surprise when change knocks at our door—or, in my case, literally tears the roof off of my house, as it did 3 years ago. One minute I’m watching television with my mother and the next minute a strong wind blows the roof right off of my porch.

What exactly is Spirit trying to tell us in times like these? Is there a reason why life events like tsunamis and hurricanes come in the middle of the night?

As most of you know, I recently got married and moved into a beautiful condo. Everyday my husband and I feel blessed to be here. We love the community, the amenities, and feel privileged to simply be able to get up in the morning and look out over the beautiful lake while drinking our tea.

Our lives are in so much transition that the security of this home has long been something we hold fast to. David just immigrated to America. We moved from an apartment to this condo about 8 months ago. We are both looking at finding permanent jobs that will help us move from this slightly unstable place to a more secure place. The last thing in the world that we thought would happen in this moment was a phone call that told us that we may have to move in a few months.

Both of us immediately sat quietly praying for guidance, as there is only One Mind. We know that this One Mind and Loving Source has no intention of leaving us out to dry on the sidewalk after we have invested so much to move into this place.

Still, part of me feels frightened of the change while another part of me—the spiritual, trusting part—finds peace deep inside the change, like a crystal in the chaos. I know, because I have stood on my Truth, the premise of my life, for a very long time is the strength and perfect will of Spirit. This Source will always be the best for me.

I had a dream last night that I was lost. Suddenly, I found myself walking along the Beaver River, a river I know well from my childhood. I discovered I was near a familiar place—the past. As I walked up the hill toward my old home, I wondered in the dream what I would find if I went back to the front door of my old home. No one I know lives there, except one old friend who moved into her mother’s home soon after her mother passed away three years ago.

Even as I continued with a steady gate toward the only place I knew in the dream, I realized that the past couldn’t help me. I also know that the present is unstable and rocking with the pressure of change. So, what exactly does anyone have to hold on to in life? Does spirituality ever hold you in a secure place? And is this insecure, temporal human place supposed to be uncertain to keep us moving toward the Spiritual?


This is a bizarre spiritual paradigm to face, but it is one we must recognize every day. Everything on this earth plane is ephemeral and passing away, including our own bodies.


The key to understanding this insecurity is to realize we only have one place to look for truth—Spirit. Some times we are literally forced to live in uncertainly and insecurity so that the only place to which we retreat to Spirit, the arms of the angels, where peace is, where truth is, where God is.

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