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Who said that “when you make a mistake it’s okay? But when you keep making the same mistake over and over and expect different results, then you have a mental disorder?” How many times have you dipped into the same drama, addiction, or relationship, hoping that Bewitched would wiggle her nose and everything would turn out differently? I know, I have double-dipped several times in my life, every time to find out that the results were somewhat worse, not better.

Repeating mistakes is about the soul not healing completely the first time. Or, repeating mistakes is about attachment disorders that go so deeply that you believe the new situation is actually different than the first mistake. Or, repeating mistakes is about not wanting to see reality. And lastly, repeating mistakes is about making every one else look wrong, so that you can feel some sense of self-esteem and feel as if you are the right one.

Drama is drama! If you find yourself in a lapload of problems, you probably feel comfortable with anxiety. You thrive on the way it makes you feel alive. If that is the case, then, yes, you have a mental disorder: ignorance! Come on, people! Let’s work together to make better lives for ourselves, not worse. If you want a better life, then make effective change.

If you want more money, you have to invest in yourself: a new career, your education, and most importantly, stop spending money on things like cigarettes, diet cokes, and Starbucks, everyday. Some clients come into my office hoping for change. When I ask them how much they spend on the above mentioned items, sometimes the amount is in the 300-400 dollar range a month. That is a car payment, my friends. And these same people who can’t do without their Starbucks, also have trouble paying their electric bills. Most of these same people won’t cook a meal for themselves, either. They go out for every meal. Do you know how much money that adds up to? If you only ate two meals out every day, even at McDonalds, you are looking at $400 dollars a month. If you ate at a nice restaurant for each meal, you are spending in the 1000-dollar range. Do you have that kind of money to spend or to waste? If so, why are you not taking care of your basic needs?

I may not be preaching to the choir when I talk about money. But, I know for certain, most of you single people have dated the same person, with a different face, over and over again, only to find that you’re sinking in quicksand. Or, if you’re married, you fight over the same issue over and over again. Same issue, different data or situation. I’m certain of this, as certain as I am that my real name is Robert Alan Sebastian. Unless you look at your past, uncover your attachment style, you will never be able to discern what kind of person to date or how to make effective change in your lives.

If you find yourself, saying, yes to all of this. You need to give me a call and let me help you. Invest some of that Starbucks’ money in your mental and physical health. If you don’t live in Nashville, you can do a Skype session with me. I’m available to help you get out of your quagmire. Make an appointment to help yourself today!

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