When Words Can’t Be Expressed: #NotSpeech-ripe #ahamoments

What happens when a feeling manifests and no literary meaning accompanies it? Do you get frustrated and try to attach words and symbols to what simply has no words yet? This happens very often when we meditate or dream. As I have learned to keep a dream journal by my bed for important messages that come through when I am not trying or looking, I notice that, come morning, I rarely understand what I have written the night before. Could this be because, as I lay in a subconscious state my mind doesn’t need to express in words to understand? When I reach into my box of human understanding, even if I try to explain the scenario as I see it, words still don’t describe the feeling.

I didn’t know a word existed for the gushing that doesn’t have form enough to tag it with a human symbol or word. Today, during a dream workshop, a friend shared that these feelings with no words are simply not Speech-ripe. So, what of this? Should we be concerned when a dream appears inexplicable?

If a dream stays with me long enough, I should assume that spirit is trying to communicate a message. Again, the message may not be speech ripe. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t write down the dream and wait until it ripens.

Oftentimes, each character and object in a dream will represent something special. You may find it necessary to meditate on the dream, allowing yourself to be the voice of each of the people and objects in the dream. For instance, if you have a dream about an empty suitcase, a person coercing you to leave your home, and clothes strewn all over the house; you might consider playing the part of each of these characters.

For instance: I am the suitcase in this draft of the dream. As I speak in the first person for this image, I notice that I am empty. I have thrown what was inside me out on the floor. I want to be empty. I am not ready to leave for some reason. My desire is to stay home.

For the person coercing you to leave. I am the antagonist in your story. I am the creditor who says, “If you don’t pay your rent on time this month, you will have to move.” I am pushing you out of your malaise.

Next, I am the clothes strewn on the floor: Perhaps, I feel as if every part of myself is scattered. My mind can’t focus. I want to create order, but I simply can’t.

Then play the part of you in the dream and see if the scenario makes more sense. Maybe this isn’t about leaving a place or job at all. Perhaps this dream is about making a clear decision in your life, then taking that which you’ve packed away and throwing out what no longer serves you. Will your suitcase hold all of your old belongings? When you have sifted through the old, you can now, neatly refold your things and safely move forward in your life without the antagonist trying to push and pull you.

Dreams are mostly metaphor. So, try not to look at them with the ego mind. When you release and let go of the perceived meaning, you may find an even deeper, more AHA moment that opens up the doorways to a deeper spiritual understanding of you and your life.


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