When You Are Inundated by Negatives!

Recently, my husband and I have realigned ourselves with our spiritual practice and have made a deeper commitment to Spiritual growth—in general—and to each other.

The day after this commitment, we both felt an immediate shift in our surrounding energy. This feeling continued for the next two days. Even though we continued in our daily practices, no matter what was going on negatively in our lives, some kind of distortion was happening to us and around us.

When you let go of something negative in your life, the spiritual detachment causes a release of negative energy into the ether. This, in turn, causes a distortion or a depolarization of the energy surrounding you.

I have discussed this postulation with some of my spiritual friends. Most agree that some kind of spiritual interference happens when ones makes a spiritual advancement or has made an important decision in life.

The expectation for Daddy to pat you on the back and say, “Great job, my child!” is actually the exact opposite of what happens in this case. Negativity doesn’t happen because all of heaven isn’t rejoicing over your positive steps forward. This negativity happens simply because the pull of negative power has shifted from within and is moving from you, affecting the energetic field in your body and in your surroundings.

A few days later, I feel more positive and surrounded by love. However, I have to tell you, in the past few days I wanted to get in my meditation chair and retreat there forever.

I hope this encourages someone who is going through a major positive change or choice in life. Don’t expect for good to happen immediately, even though it may. Sometimes, however, the negative distortion puts up a battle to stay its course and retain its home within your mind, your story and in your life!



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