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Have you ever thought: I am not good enough, have not behaved in the way someone should behave to approach God, or have not been healthy enough to say an effective prayer? Have you ever thought that your willpower is what makes a prayer effective?

What exactly happens when we pray to make it effective and how responsible is the practitioner of that prayer in its effectiveness?

In the beginning, One Source—God spoke into existence all that is. From that Source all of humanity and all of the universe is displayed. So, there is some truth to the idea of a trinity, because within this one Source there is the Actor (the voice), the energy upon which it uses to create (the acting force), and then the manifestation (the displayed universe, including man). What we have in metaphor is—Father, Holy Spirit, and Son—or Mother, Holy Spirit, and Daughter.

If we have been taught under the tutelage of Christianity, we learn through the Christian bible that there is but one Son, Jesus. But, in 1 Corinthians 15, we see that Jesus is made up of parts. Jesus the Christ is the head, and the body of Christ is made up of all the rest of us humans.

I am thankful that Jesus the Christ, a fully actualized human-god being is the head. Any body can operate without a hand or a finger but cannot act without a head. So, we see that as the world organizes and becomes one in unity, we are part of this one body of God—the manifestation. I might be a hand, you are an elbow, and your pastor a foot.

As we see in the examples of Jesus, the Christ’s power, we can do great things by means of our thoughts and intentions. Great miracles occur, including healing, creating abundance where there was lack, and healing mental disease. Jesus taught us to do all of these things through his actions on earth. And he included the statement: “You shall do even greater things than I.”

Where one might get stuck is believing that he or she has to be perfect (like a Christ) to create the power of prayer as Jesus did.

Jesus simply spoke His word. He did not do any other part of the actual work of creating the miracle. He simply believed. Should we choose to continue our Christian metaphor, the part of the trinity that acted upon the word of the Christ would be the Holy Spirit. At the Centers of Spiritual Living we call this part of the creative process “Divine Mind.” If you are a Christian, you might say that we all have the Holy Spirit. As a Science of Mind practitioner, one might say that we all share Divine Mind. This is the exact same concept. So, we don’t need to be good to create. We simply need to believe that when we speak a prayer, Divine Mind (or Holy Spirit) acts upon our will.

When we speak anything, the negative possibilities, though, are just as probable as the positive ones when it comes to what you do next, AFTER we PRAY. Should we do nothing but believe, all the power of Divine Mind operates on our behalf. Should we send out negativity in the form of “this prayer won’t work because I am not good enough,” then we have negated our own prayer.

The power of prayer and of its manifestation is not our doing. It was never our doing, nor was it Jesus’ doing. The power to manifest is in the hands of the Creative or Divine Mind. The only power that we have is to speak and believe. To change the course of a prayer we either BELIEVE OR NOT BELIEVE!

Should we choose to believe in our prayer and contradict any such negative thoughts that would get in the way of our believe, Divine Mind MUST manifest what we prayed. Divine Mind is the active energy upon which all of the Universe is made. Divine Mind has no will of its own. When God, as First Source spoke into Divine Mind—this Divine Mind energy acted upon the word of God and created the Universes. We have the same power in our world to use this Creative Mind, as we all share this power.

Should you decide that you do not have the power to pray, right now, simply resist from making negative statements. These negative statements with your strong will can produce just as much negativity in the world as you could be producing positive effects with positive prayers.

When praying for yourself or someone else, do not put your faith in yourself or your humanity. Put your faith in the power that God gave us to create. The trust should be in Creative Divine Mind (or the Holy Spirit). This idea is so simple it seems improbable. But belief without doubt is the only thing that is usually missing from any prayer.


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