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In review, Albert Einstein said: “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics!” Our first and second steps to manifesting a dream were: 1.) bring a parallel feeling (or frequency, as Einstein says) to your dream thought; and 2.) Believe in the Law that correlates with your dream, as you wait for the seed to take root and grow.

So, now, you have a blueprint of what you desire in your mind. Every day, you know that as you plant the seed, Spirit is growing the plant. Today, you wake up and discover that the seed you had planted and have waited for so patiently, has popped up from the fertile soil of your mind and has begun to grow. What next?

Let’s go back to our metaphor of an actual plant growing in the ground. For years, when I owned a house, I had five large gardens. Most of the flowers I grew were annuals, so I planted them once, and, every year, they would come up without my help. However, I also took to planting some vegetables and reseeding the perennial plants from last year’s seeds, as well. So, every year, I would get out my planting beds, place beautifully rich potting soil in the beds, then, plant the seeds gently near the top of the soil. The first few days, it was recommended to keep the watered plant bed in the dark. Then, after a few days I would bring the beds into the light.

At first, when the seeds would grow to about an inch, I would plant them immediately into the gardens. But, I noticed that, when I did that, only about half of the seedlings would survive the harsh rains and wild animals that eat plants. So, I began to transplant the seedlings into bigger pots and wait until they were strong enough to transplant into the garden. Of course, this is our metaphor of the day! The small plants are your dreams manifesting at the early stage. The process of repotting the dream is protecting your dreams in their early stages.

When dreams begin, they are fragile and easily destroyed. Many outside forces can cause a dream to fade in its small stages—finances, lack of support, time constraints, or space. In fact, I would say that you should prepare for any one of these outside forces to attack your dream.

I’m not one to caution people and create negativity before their positives dream come into fruition. But, let’s face it, we are combining spirituality with humanity here, which takes its own tragic course, sometimes. Life rains and storms and floods on everyone without asking permission. So, a good plan for a dream always will include the proper precautions to make way for the times when your seedling dream is too fragile to exist on its own.

For me, my dream here in Florida has been about conserving money until my dream comes into full fruition. Had I not had the forethought to save money before I began my dream, I probably would have to stop my dream about now and begin to work a full-time or part-time job just to stay afloat. But, if I had to do this, just as my dream is about to take flight, I would not have the space, the finances, or the time to make the final push toward my dream coming into full fruition.

So, my final advice about creating your dreams is to be prepared to protect your dreams, your ideas as they grow, and your business in its first year—in the beginning stages! As you plan for your dream to come true, make a blueprint that would include times of drought and any unexpected storms—metaphorically. Do you remember the old Boy Scout song, “BE Prepared”? That’s my final word of advice on this subject.

Here’s to all of your dreams coming true!

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