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I woke up this morning after a terrifying dream. In my daze I imaged clearly that I was in West Nashville. I had lost my money, my home, my friends, and car. The only thing I had was a bicycle. On the bike I was trying to get from Nashville to a place where someone would remember me, my hometown in Pennsylvania. In the passage toward my home, I saw my mother who didn’t know me either. I saw friends who didn’t recognize me. The only person who knew me was an ex-partner from 14 years ago. He carried a small puppy. We decided together to go across a river on a bicycle. When I awoke, I had absolutely no idea who I was, where I was, or who was sleeping in the bed next to me. Honestly, I was the most confused I had ever been. It was if, in the dream, I had lost my complete identity.

So, this dream got me thinking. If we are spirits living in human bodies, what happens when we depart from our bodies? I have a dear friend who recently died—and this has also happened with a few others who departed from this earth—who came back to me in a dream and was disoriented. She expected everyone who knew her on earth to be able to hear her, see her, and respond to her. Though, from where she was, out of body, no one was able to hear her but other people who had departed from their bodies. All of these friends who departed seemed to find me in my dreams and speak to me with confusion and frustration.

This was the exact feeling I had in my dream. I wondered why the only person who knew me was my ex-partner, with whom I shared eight years of my life. Perhaps, in some strange way, I felt that after all those years, even though we don’t talk now, he is the only person who ever really knew me. I’m not quite sure. What I know for certain is that all we dream is in metaphor, so this relationship to my exe in the dream must signify something in my own subconscious. Dreams are a peculiar mechanism of communication from your own heart and from God. To understand completely what dreams mean, you have to have someone who is very adept in interpreting them. Typically, I’m very good at helping others to decipher dreams. But just as in anything in life, helping yourself is always much more difficult than helping others.

This is why most people who are overweight are caregivers. They take care of everyone else in their lives except themselves. Self is an elusive entity. We don’t know who we are unless we begin the practice of prayer or meditation where we can learn to be the conscious observer of our own humanness. This kind of practice became the first conscious evidence of who I actually am as a human and conversely as a spirit.

The human existence is an amalgam of two aspects: spirit and your reptilian brain—or humanness, plus we have the help of the mind, which is like our own personal, programmable computer. The problem with the brain is that, instead of being the go-between for the body and spirit, sometimes it acts on its own volition and coerces us to do things we may feel “programmed” to do. For instance, if your mother gave you cookies every time you succeeded in life as a child, you may be apt to reward yourself with food now. Also, any kind of loving gestures or non-loving gestures you may have had as a child will appear in your expressions of love as an adult. These are called attachment theory. This is the programmable part of the brain, so we have to get in there and un-program before it destroys our future.

So, the question of Who Am I? becomes an answer that sounds like this: you are a unique combination of spirit and humanness that can be led by God or by your human nature. You always have a choice. The help is in the way you program your soul or mind to urge you to move toward the spiritual.

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