Who Will You Memorialize Today?

I got to my desk this morning—coffee in hand, smoothie in stomach, my dog Coco under my heels. Suddenly I realized that my mind was completely blank. It’s Memorial Day and I can’t think of one person who has passed away that rises to the top of my “thank you” list. Why is that?

Every person who had intersected with me in my life, of course, was human and had his or her faults. Despite the good each had done for my life, each one also had passed along some bad habits, traits, and not-so-good advice that I wish I could unlearn. In my trough of unforgettables, I do have some amazing angels who had touched my life in ways that no one else could, because they specifically were chosen for the job. Or were they?

  1. Some were mean and caused me to be sharper.
  2. Some were critical and caused me to hone my skills to perfection.
  3. Others were just strong and stable, always willing to be the rock I needed.

Were they, indeed, human? Oh, yes! How do I know they weren’t angels or sent specifically to me for a purpose? Well, I know this for certain: Everyone in this tapestry of life is here for a purpose.


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Life is full of moments that make up your story. Some are good, some bad. Some are just not all that memorable. However, every day as we surge forward with our desires and wishes, we intersect with other humans. This web of connection, when we look at it from a dynamic, omniscient perspective is quite complex. In fact, in one given day, it would appear that Spirit has orchestrated many people’s lives to exactly collide with us when we absolutely need to see or hear from them—positive or negatively. As planned, each person leads you in a purposeful direction.


Yesterday, I went to see a movie with my husband and my entire family living in Florida. Family gatherings can be laborious, but we all deal with the slight negativity and the jabs because they are family. However, this day was different. I was kind of dragged into seeing a movie after dinner that I just wouldn’t have picked in a million years.


In the movie was a scene that felt as if it had been made out of a spiritual dream I have had over and over again. Not only was it a dream I have, but it is a dream that my husband and I share and talk about often in our prayers together.

We were astonished at how exact the scene was compared to our own spiritual ideas and truth. In that moment, it didn’t matter if I enjoyed the movie or not. I was sitting between my mother and my sister, both of whom I cherish and adore, and I just got a confirmation of sorts that said from Spirit: “Hey, not only am I listening, but I’m affirming that you are on the correct track!”

When I look at the web of intersecting threads of life from this perspective, I can’t even conceive of what Spirit had to do to make that scene happen at that very moment for the sake of David and I. This amazing human life, though it can feel and look so terrible sometimes is such a miracle. This is what I want to memorialize today. This is what I want to be thankful for.

It is not the individuals that I want to place on a pedestal. Yes, all of them played an important role in the drama. But, the miracle of this tapestry of life and amazing colors and hues is what makes me want to say: “Thank You Everyone for being a part of my amazing life!”

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