Why Alkaline Water?

I often talk about debilitating fear in my blog. When I am sure that God is present and is walking with me on a day-to-day basis, fear couldn’t be in the equation, unless I don’t truly trust in an all-loving God. The last couple weeks has been a struggle because of a constant upset stomach and crippling back pain. To keep my mind positive and in the direction of solving the problem, not lingering in it, I begin with self-inquiry. I ask myself questions like: “Bo, do you really not trust that God will take care of your needs according to the riches in heaven?”

The answers my mind gives me are vast: “I’m afraid that something terrible will happen like the time the roof was blown off the carport in the tornado.” “My bank account looks as if it won’t have enough for my bills in the coming months.” “I have been feeling arthritic pain in my body for ten years and have prayed about it, why hasn’t God helped me on that?” These are just a few of the ways my Ego supports my own fear. I’d imagine that you have many of your own self-UNassuring answers that might follow a question such as the above.

As in all self-inquiry practices, though, you don’t stop with the first answers your Ego give you. You continue with questions that supersede the negativity that your mind produces.

The next question you might ask yourself is: “Is God really responsible for all things on earth? Do you believe that God caused 9-11 or flooding or hurricanes or even hereditary pain?”

My mind usually answers: “God is omniscient and omnipresent, therefore, it would stand to reason that God allows for all of this to happen, but, perhaps, isn’t responsible for what nature and evil does.”

This kind of questioning leads me to what I truly believe in my heart—nothing more or less. Am I certain that God exists? If I am, how does God play a role in my own life?

I come to realize, when I feel as if I’m walking on the path that God has laid out for me; then, I automatically sense a spiritual covering over my life. Even when I’m in pain or suffering a setback of some kind, I feel protected. So, if the will of God is something that appears to be negative, such as 9-11, then I need to believe that whatever the will of God may manifest, it is the right choice, no matter what the circumstances appear to be.

When I step out of the will of God, this fear exponentially increases as anxiety and stress. I can tell almost immediately when I feel the sense that God can’t protect something he hadn’t defined.

I remember being in the center of one of the biggest tornados in Nashville’s history. I sat in my living room, looked out the window and saw porch chairs spiraling in the wind. I ran to the bathtub and dove in. In the next few moments, the roar of the wind ceased to a calm silence. I crept from the bathroom to find that the entire opposite side of the street had been stripped of roofs and demolished, as my side of the street went unscathed.

I go back to pre-9-11, when I had the dream of a plane crashing into a building marked 666 in NYC. I lived in Midtown, but my partner worked in the World Trade Center. The message in the dream was to leave NYC as soon as possible. So, as I reflect back on that moment in time, I see that God was able to share with me the future, and also protect my partner from impending death or peril. So, I believe that God knows the future, but may not have control over what happens to each individual. Therefore, God has made a way for us to also see into the future so that we can make our own choices concerning life and safety.

If this same God is the Spiritual Force I believe is leading my life, how can I not trust that God will lead me out of my bodily pain and into peace?

With that knowledge, a small miracle happened to me over the weekend concerning my back and stomach pain. One of my dearest friends is a Nurse Anesthetist. He was telling a story about his recovery from knee surgery and how it affected his back. In sharing, he told me about trying pH balancing in the body by using alkaline-based water to drink, which reduces inflammation in the body, which, in turn, helps it heal quickly.

As I am willing to try anything, I hurried to the store and bought pH Ion Balance Booster, which not only adds alkaline to the water, but also adds electrolyte mineral supplements and oxygen. After only one day of drinking the water, I had zero stomach pain and almost 80% of my back pain had disappeared. If you have ever been in severe pain, you know that this is a small miracle. I practically jumped out of bed this morning, with a great disposition, which hadn’t been the case for almost a month.

So, my question to you is: Do you believe my friend telling me about the alkaline-based water was a message from God?

This question holds the bones on which our flesh and blood covers. We must go deeper to understand our own experience with God. If we don’t have a spiritual practice, today is the day to begin to start that journey. Learn to meditate. Find a church or a following that will help you find the truth that bears witness to your own soul. This is like yoga. You never want to look at someone else and copy a pose. You always want to go inside and find the pose within you.

Don’t get thrown off course by churches and beliefs that are negative and full of judgment. All churches aren’t like that and all beliefs don’t manipulate and pass guilt to stay in existence. At the very least, begin to read information and books like Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” to help you make sense of all the spiritual information floating around in the world and how it may apply to your own life. Namaste.


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