Why Couldn’t I Have Been Born into Wealth, and When Depression Strikes

As a poor kid growing up, the first few years of my life I lived in the lower middle class, sometimes having enough and sometimes not. I remember most times, three days before payday, we would have barley soup until there was money for more food. When I moved with my mother, my paradigm was switched to the project in tenth grade and living off of food stamps. I can tell you, my plea to God was often: “Why couldn’t I have been rich?”

Unfortunately, this is an attachment disorder to money. Because of being in need from a young age and never really having what I required for food or clothing, my anxiety level about having enough, in general, is attached to my subconscious for the long haul. Yes, attachment disorders are like herpes—they stay with you for life. The neural pathways that cause attachments are established at a young age and simply are a gut, super-conscious reaction to times when you feel as if you didn’t make enough money, the bills outweigh the income, or you simply don’t have enough to buy food.

These gut reactions supersede reason. They race to our minds before our deductive source has a chance to remind us: “Remember that check you’re getting next week? You’ll have enough for the bills.” Or “God has always provided for you in the past. You will pull through this!”

Even the best laid plans for the future can sometimes look bleak on a day when you simply wake up a little depressed. Perhaps you have a nagging headache or one of your muscles has been bothering you. This pain pulls you deeper into an ambiguous place where depression can catch you unaware.

“Are you taking your antidepressant?” That’s the first question I ask almost anyone who presents with these feelings. Often, clients and friends tell me that they wanted to “feel normal” so they stopped taking their medication for anxiety or low-grade depression. “Well, I simply was feeling okay. So, I decided to stop taking the meds,” is often what I hear.

You were feeling okay because you are ON your medication. That is why you have the temptation to stop the medication. Get back on a prescribed dosage of your medication, first, before you start freaking out about a current situation. It may be that your mind is slightly eschewed because of being off of your antidepressant.

When you get off of a medication like an antidepressant, your body slowly leeches out the medication from your brain, and often you will spiral down without you realizing it. I see this very often with clients. I’m not a physician. But you don’t have to be a physician to see the same symptom over and over again.

When I decide to taper off of a medication, this is called titrating from the mediation, then I always do it with a physician or a therapist. I make sure that when my body is completely replete of the medication that I am stable. You should do this too.

Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, you probably need to stay on a small dosage of your antidepressant for the rest of your life. Every time I have tried to get off of Selexa, I end up feeling slightly under the weather. I sense that life is fighting against me. I don’t have the will to fight back.

While on the medication, I get up feeling like life is on my side, most often. I would be remiss to tell you that, some days, I don’t feel like getting out of bed. That is just one of the problems with having a history of depression. You learn to cope. You learn to have people who will support you and help you to the forefront of your life. You keep people near you who will tell you, your spiritual truth, and stand you up, when you fall.

I hope this helps today, especially when the economy feels so unstable with the government taking baby steps to resolve big problems.

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