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Maxwell Maltz, a famous author (Psycho-Cybernetics) and American plastic surgeon often spoke about the difference between making changes to the body and the insurgence of negative thoughts that would follow. These thoughts would almost always be contrary to how one would look inside as compared to how he or she appeared outside, even after major plastic surgery. So, how do we look authentic inside and out?

As most people do during middle age, I often struggled with a few pounds around the waist. This happens mostly in the winter (even though I live in Florida), because the swimming pool is too cold to do my daily ritual of 20-30 laps. When I’m swimming, I look at myself in the mirror and see a body that brings a feeling of pride. When I simply do my gym workout without the swimming, I stand on the scale and think: What the hell? How do I keep gaining weight? This just doesn’t make sense. (Even though I know I gained the weight because my eating and energetic output are not balanced.)

What’s happening on the outside has to mirror something that is in my mind, because nothing can make its way to our life unless it has already presented in your mind—absolutely nothing. So, during the winter, what could possibly be plaguing my mind enough for me to dicker with myself about my weight and the way I look?

Maxwell Maltz’s study began after he had operated on a series of people who had terrible birth defects or had been in accidents that caused major face reconstruction. He noticed that after a person had lived his or her entire life with a birth defect (especially on the face), that even after his or her face looked beautiful, peering in the mirror was difficult. The patients would see the old face, not the beautiful new face. Perhaps this is the case with people who have had bariatric surgery for weight loss, as well. Very often they end up gaining back much of the weight they initially lost. Below is a quote from one such bariatric patient with Lapband:

The fact is, the problem was never IN our stomachs, it was somewhere else within us: Our heads, our hearts, our self-esteem maybe. The band only helps us accomplish the PHYSICAL part of whatever our problem is that got us fat in the first place. It can ONLY control how much food you put in your body; it does NOT choose WHAT you put in your body. (http://www.bariatric-surgery-source.com)

The problem is never in the ways we try to appear different, ever! The issue about our looks is in our minds. If we don’t clear the issues from the past, the stressors, the negative thoughts that make you feel not good enough, not pretty enough, and not skinny enough is what must be worked on in tandem with any kind of weight loss or plastic surgery you try.

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