Why Gluten Free? Part 3 #glutenfree

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and chronic stress, migraines, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, focus problems, inflammation—including arthritis, insomnia, intestinal problems, memory problems (dementia, Alzheimer’s), mood disorders, overweight and obesity, or Tourette’s syndrome, you could be among the millions that are very sensitive to gluten. When sugar is added to this sensitivity, free radical fats stop your brain’s health, so problems begin to come in the form in the above diseases and disorders. The book Grain Brain can help pinpoint the problems and aid you in changing unhealthy habits and put you on the right track with eating and exercise.

Dr. Perlmutter, the author of Grain Brain, concludes that most of us believe brain problems are predisposition of DNA from relatives and don’t understand the connection between diet and a healthy brain. The main functions of the brain need healthy fat to maintain the right mechanics to operate properly. Yet, as I said above, most of us eat too much sugar and simple carbohydrates, which turn to sugar quickly, to let these good fats do their work. By the time the fats reach the brain, they become free radicals that cause inflammation in the body, stomach and brain, causing many diseases.

One very helpful aid, besides changing our diet, is taking a vitamin D and vitamin E (which I just saw on ABC world news last night) capsule daily and helping with the free radical problems, and taking vitamin C. Perlmutter maintains that Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin at all. He contends it’s a necessary protein for the brain. He also says that if you are going to drink alcohol, avoid beer and vodka, which have gluten in them. He says a glass of wine will be okay and possibly helpful. One glass!

Tests that you can ask your doctor to give you are: Fasting blood glucose, Hemoglobin AIC, Fructosamine, Fasting insulin, Homocysteine, Vitamin D, Creative protein (CRP) Cyrex array 3, Cyrex array 4 (optional). All of these tests can help you find out if your body is being depleted by gluten and if your brain is getting enough of the proper fats and proteins to function normally.

Dr. Perlmutter brings the culprit of the entire body down to inflammation. I know with me, gluten causes an acidic base in the body, which creates a sour stomach. After which, the acid tends to make my body ache with arthritic pain. I also tend to feel muddled mentally sometimes, especially during times of dreary, overcast weather.

I have seen a considerable difference in my entire body, sleep patterns, and mental acuity since I have begun this quest to eliminate gluten and decrease the amounts of sugars in my body. Around the holidays it was difficult, but I made sure that I had gluten free chocolate chip cookies incase I wanted a treat with every one else, and I made gluten free bread and rolls for turkey sandwiches. The rolls tend to be a favorite in my family, as they often taste better and richer because of the olive oils and high protein with 6 eggs in them.

Lastly, Perlmutter discusses our desire to reduce egg intake. He says we have been told a myth about eggs. The cholesterol that helps brain health is produced by eggs, as long as you don’t alter the LDL fats with sugar. So, basically, the cornerstone of this diet is close to the Paleo diet, because a healthy brain diet is about increasing protein, fat, and vegetable intake, while decreasing sugars, simple carbs, and most certainly ridding the body of all gluten.

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