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We spend our lives asking questions. I wonder if this is just a ploy for our egos to stay out of the Now and keep our minds questioning our purpose. I know if I realize that the human condition is something that I deal with every day, without ceasing, then I move on to the more important aspects of life: creating, living in the now, and loving with compassion and respect.

I used to have terrible panic attacks whenever I would have to wait for an agent or a publisher to read my books. This caused a certain amount of anxiety that always asked the question, why? I recognize, now, that whenever I spend a great deal of time asking questions, I’m using my anxiety to create my own answers. When I use my imagination plus anxiety, I usually come up with an answer for questions about why that has no basis in reality.

The self-inquiry question you should always ask yourself is: “Do I really know the answer to that? Am I sure this is the what is happening here?”

If you answer yourself with integrity, you will know that you have no idea what truly has happened in any given situation and why. We don’t know until we are told. The present IS WHAT IT IS, NOT WHAT WE MAKE OF IT! When I anguish more about what I don’t know, I could have been creating something better and wonderful in every case.

When someone doesn’t answer you, when a job interview doesn’t go your way, or when a dream seems to lose energy and stride; then, you can understand that Spirit may have something different for you. My prayer is always, “This or something better!” So, I know that if this particular instance doesn’t happen, then I don’t lose hope in Spirit’s desire to fulfill all my needs according God’s riches of heaven.

Be patient, because your dreams and wishes are like seeds that you carefully plant in the earth. You can’t make them or wish them to grow. You have to trust that the Law of the Earth and the Laws of Planting are on your side. If you let a seed rest in the dark earth and water it; eventually, it will grow into a tall, fruit-bearing tree. This is Law. This is Truth. This is God!

“What lies beyond what is, IS NOT! So, what? Say, Yes!”



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