Willing to Be Different

I often find myself standing on the edge of defining my life by asking one conclusive question: Am I willing to be different? If I’m not, then I will be stuck in the same merry-g0-round set of circumstances, never changing, always complaining, and certainly not being good enough, handsome enough, or rich enough to be happy.

What needs to change is not the world around me. What needs to make an about-face is my own perception of my life. Then, the rest of the world will begin to look a lot different. As it stands, if I judge myself less and less, I’ll also judge the world and those around me with an equally compassionate heart.

Sometimes, life hands us hard situations. Everyone goes through times that are difficult. But, often, we find ourselves too close to our issue to get a good perspective. To truly begin to understand you and the world around you, you have to come far enough away from your body to be an observer, a nonjudgmental observer, at that.

We often act look at a problem as if it is a pebble dropped into a thimble, instead of a pebble dropped into the ocean. If you drop a pebble into a thimble, it will cause a loud sound, a diffusion of water, and maybe even knock over the thimble. But if you drop a pebble into the ocean, even on a calm day, it causes barely a ripple in the water. What does this metaphor have to do with change and our own perspective of our world around us?

The pebble is the problem, and the ocean or thimble is your situation. How much impact any situation has on your life is directly related to where you drop the pebble. If you want to take a good look at the problem without becoming too emotionally involved, drop it in the ocean. If you want to be attached to your problem and not see beyond your own grief, drop the pebble into a thimble.

Coming Up: I’ll be speaking more about how to pray—not what to think, but HOW to think effectively, to change your life!



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