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From student to mastery, our lessons as earth angels are vast. We find ourselves mostly in the student realm, though, as life seems to bring us more lessons than blessings. But, this, we see only with the eyes of the student. With the eyes of mastery, we come out of our own ego self and into an omniscient seat in the vast universe where nothing but our role as a co-masters matters. We are here to bless the earth! Get that in your mind, so that you can quit playing the role of student and be a master at your own calling!

I have been playing the student for so long that I finally had to say to my ego, “Aren’t you tired of learning that same lesson over and over again? Isn’t it time to do what you are meant to do?” Whatever that is; whatever may be revealed, and to whomever comes into my life, let me be what I am meant to be—NOW!

I don’t know that the earth hands out more lemons than cupcakes. I am meant to have whatever I want. Spirit isn’t keeping my blessings from me. I am keeping my blessings from me with my fear and disbelief. I know this. Yet, I find myself thinking those old, hateful thoughts of compromise and lack over and over again. What is the answer to this quagmire?

What I have found to be my only solace in times of “poor me,” is to bless others. I have called these micro-intentions in other discoveries. But, even more specifically, if you just start saying the words, “May you be blessed!” you will come out of your ego self and into a world of blessings—your blessings.

My fellow earth angels, your blessings are not contained to others being blessed. They are contained in a vast sea of energy that blesses everyone, including you. We are all one as God is one. If you are in that sea, you will be covered with blessings. But, the point isn’t to get blessings. This isn’t the master’s call at all. Because the Master knows s/he is provided for always. The master’s call is to bless—period.

Say it now: “May you be blessed!” Keep saying this until the shell of the student cracks off of your ego body and the master emerges!

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