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A young woman from Brazil came to America to intern with a minister friend of mine. She had no money. She worked for a small stipend. Her housing was provided through an agency who helped talented young people from other countries learn in the United States. This woman wanted to thank her sponsor. As she had no money, she chose to give a handwritten note and one piece of gum to show her thanks.

I love this story, because she gave a measure of what she had to begin the flow of resources in her life. I’m not sure I believe in the concept of giving 10% of all your money. I’m more of the ilk that believes you should offer up a percentage of your existence to the greater good—time, clothes, food, education, or money—whatever you can manage to give.

At one point in my life, I was a strong believer of tithing. I took 1/10 of every single cent I earned and gave it to the church. At one point, my finances really began to decline. I still, with chin up, paid my tithe to the Lord. What I realized was that my heart was angry with this concept, because, I felt, God hadn’t come through with the promise to give back what I needed to survive.

I figured, I was the one doing something incorrectly, because I do believe God doesn’t make spiritual law, then decide to test you to see if you believe it. I searched my heart and realized I didn’t “gladly” give my money from an authentic place in my soul. I begrudgingly gave the money.

I asked Spirit what to do. My answer came in a meditation: “Stop giving your money, until you feel your heart desires to give. Remember, your pure heart, connected to spirit, will always lead you in the right direction. Instead, let’s make our own, personal commitment. Spirit said to write this commitment from my heart and it would be acceptable!”

What I came up with was this: “I agree to offer my time, my energy, my money, and my prayers to the work of the Lord, every day, in exchange for a secure amount of money and resources to always be available for me to live an abundant and secure life.”

The prayer is simple and makes the point that I will give unyielding time and money with the caveat that God, also, takes care of all my needs according to the riches of heaven. This is my personal belief. You have to make your giving unique. I do suggest that you begin to give, though, in some areas of your life to the greater good, because giving has a spiritual law connected to it. “If you give, it will be returned unto you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over…” This is law. So, when you give, even if it’s a stick of gum, give from your heart! Give what you can without resentment. Also, expect a return on your investment. God always fulfills every promise.


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