Working Through the Maybes

I have noticed that acquiring dreams in a big way can also attract hindrances and blocks. So, when the seed of faith is sewn in the rich soil of the Creative Field, how do you get past the static that could keep you from the clear picture of your dream?

We know that, if we bring negativity into the subjective, creative field, we will manifest negativity. So, when blocks appear in your life that are not on the road to your dream—when, in fact, they hinder your dream—you must vanquish the negative thought immediately with positive affirmations.

For instance: You have written a stellar book. You have prayed and treated that “you already have a publishing deal that will produce great abundance and get your book into the hands that will distribute it to all the people who need it, through you—now.” This is your positive treatment and prayer. However, the first person to whom your agent pitches the book refuses to even read the proposal. You suddenly feel that your prayer isn’t working, because this is the publisher with whom, you have established a mental equivalent, a publisher you felt would love your book. What do you do next?

First of all, we know that “Divine Love draws together and keeps together those who belong together.” If this were not so, then Divine Good would constantly be fighting itself. Good outweighs negativity on this earth by order of the fact that the earth is still present. Your life still exists because good outweighs the bad. If the bad outweighed the good, neither the earth nor you would exist. Every seeming rejection asks the universe the question: who am I? And, the answer is always I am one with God. So how can I be rejected by God? God can not reject Itself!

For the Law to exist, it must not be fighting with itself. For your dreams to exist, your mind must not be fighting with itself. Everything in the universe has its internal metaphor in your mind. So, we must connect with the good in our minds and with the universal law and stay connected in every way we can, in times of discord. Focus on your unwavering faith.

All that is coming up in a negative form isn’t there to hinder you. It’s there to be absorbed by the light. All negative feelings show me my human fears so that I can resolve my disbelief and walk toward oneness with God. If you take this opportunity to rid your mind of all your fears, your lack of self-esteem, your thoughts of self-sabotage, then you will move past this block quickly and find all that you need, effectively producing results in your life.

Remember, when you pray, you would be better off to treat for the best and even better, instead of something specific. Specificity limits God’s work in your life. We never want to pray with limitation. We want to allow God to give us more than we ever could expect. For instance, in our prior scenario, the author would be better off praying that a perfect publisher has found her book to be a great fit for the publisher’s imprint. The publisher is already supporting the book and finds the perfect niche to sell it.

If you focus your prayer and attention on one person or publisher, and that person is not inline with your truth, then you have wasted a lot of energy and prayer on something that only God can grow and bring into fruition. Remember: You plant the seed with your prayers. God grows the tree!

In life, maybes can rule your world, if you don’t set your mind on the absolute positive potential of God working through you now! You must not let the negative thoughts and expressions outweigh that which you know to be true about God, your oneness with God, and the expression or effect of your prayer.

You continue to treat and pray for this expression, not because God or Spirit hasn’t heard your original prayer. You pray again to get your mind aligned with the truth. Remember: All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain. When faith, vision, your Conscious Mind, and God’s Power connect, the power of this union will produce in kind exactly what you ordered from the Universe almost immediately.


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