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Never has the purpose of life been more apparent than in these past few weeks, waiting to make the biggest move of my life to Florida after 25 years of living in Nashville. I sit in my grief, sometimes for hours, asking for answers that usually don’t come. But, yesterday, something lifted from me. I knew in the moment it happened, that everything around me, even my negative story would change. (Nothing in my immediate reality looked different, but I know that I know something changed spiritually.) When I return to the moments of my recent past, I see lessons, not pain. I experience deep-taught purpose, not anxiety. I move forward with ease, because of spiritually chiseled-0ut paths that lead me, without remorse. to my new life.

As a life coach, I have dealt with many people’s anxiety and pain. Most people start telling their story. Tears fill the room. I sit calmly, not anxious to embrace “their story” as my story. I’m curious, compassionate, and often caring, if I need to be. But, I realized long ago that the only way to help someone is to know a different story for that person. Most people in anxiety have rehearsed their pain over and over again. They feel as if they have no other choices but to live in this exact story over and over again.

The answers to your anxiety do not exist in your old story; they exist in your new story—the one that you haven’t written yet. So, to absolve and extinguish pain, you must experience it, grieve it, and see a different resolve. You may be asking, “How do I step out of a place where I have no money, can’t pay my rent, and don’t see myself being able to afford food for the next two months?” That’s a good question.

I’m not the one who gives the answers, though. Your answer comes when you get quiet and you ask the hard question: WHY? A reason ALWAYS exists for the trial you bear. Trust me on this! I have never had a problem that didn’t require faith and a new outlook on life. Once this happens, I can look back at the issue and see the perfect lesson Spirit had crafted.

Fear and anxiety become a wall of disbelief that stops the truth from changing your life. I have a good friend now dealing with issues about finance and work. Of course, every day, when he gets to his job, his anxiety increases. He must meet a certain demand to get money, but the ability to acquire new business just simply doesn’t exist. So, he gets frazzled everyday and can’t find the faith to stop fearing the worst. Yesterday, however, he had a breakthrough. He told me that he had decided not to bite into the story that is playing out in his financial and work life. He will sit and watch it and see where it leads him. He told me that he would be compliant with the answer. If things changed at the job, he will stay there. If they don’t change, he may be required to move to something different—maybe even a new city.

I believe my friend has done his spiritual and psychological duty to release anxiety. I simply see for him the fear of the present situation lifting to unveil his new outlook. I know for certain his circumstance is only there to teach a lesson. When the lesson is learned, and he acquiesces to God or spirit, all things become new—even his thoughts.

Anxiety and fear is simply a disbelief in God. If you truly believe that God is “the author and finisher of your faith,” (Heb. 12:2) then you will trust that “all things work together for the good of those called according to God’s purpose.” (Rom. 8:28)


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