You Are God’s Portion

I often wonder about my worth. Why am I alive? What am I “supposed” to do to fulfill the wishes of Spirit, of myself, of my parents and of my teachers? What could I be doing that I am not already trying to accomplish in life?

I’m sure there are many ways I could be more active in politics, fighting for human rights, feeding the poor, giving my time to charities, etc. But will any of these things actually fulfill that deep, gaping hole that bespeaks a hunger for evidence that I am carrying out my life’s purpose.

The word portion means “a part of a whole.” So, by definition, if I am God’s portion, I am a part of God. If I am a part of God, then I must also be a part of God’s purpose.

I believe that the reason most of us don’t understand our purpose on earth is because we don’t understand God’s purpose!

What could an all-knowing, omniscient Creator need from a world full of selfish humans? Why were we created in the first place? Are we God’s toys, children, or experiment? I want to know. I need to know. Otherwise, I will never understand my complete purpose on this earth.

So, it is with that thought I will explain why I believe God created humans on this earth. I’m explaining my belief, not because I need you to embrace it, but because it is important to have a basic understanding of God’s purpose to embrace your divine purpose, even if you make up a purpose that is palatable to you and you alone.

Bo’s Theory of Creation: I believe that Divine Spirit was alone as one huge ball of splendid energy in a vast void. By separating itself and dividing into many attributes of the whole, every human spirit—living and dead—were pressed out from the center of this ball of energy—like the big bang and spread into the vast void, creating space. Some of the parts scattered as far as the dimmest stars in the heavens, and other stayed closer to the epicenter.

By individuating into parts, Spirit redefined itself as many different, yet equal beings. Like any child who strays from home, we have been searching for oneness ever since we have exploded into individuality—the epicenter of the initial energy is what has attracted our human existence from the beginning. We call this divine union—God.

By making the whole individual parts, many potential gods came into existence. Each had to learn the difference between good and evil, light and darkness to be like the whole, God. The perfect place to learn these lessons is on the earth, where both good and evil exist for the sole purpose of teaching humans.

I believe that we take turns in our spiritual clusters teaching each other lessons by playing different roles for the purpose of learning. This is why I believe our spirits must reincarnate many times until all of our lessons are learned.

This theory helps me see that even though someone is playing the Judas role in my life, he may be the exact blessing I need to help crucify a part of my mind that no longer serves my life.

So, my sole purpose in life is simply to live it completely and fully—to gain from it every lesson, every joy, and feeling I can attain. To be present and in the NOW, I must get the full human experience to move on to the next stage of my spiritual development.

I am now and have always been—God experiencing itself as many, individuated parts of the whole.

* * *

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