You Are So Nice, I Want to Slap You!

Have you ever felt like someone was so sickeningly sweet that you just wanted to slap the sugar right out of him/her?

I must be getting to a place in my life where I am completely bereft of drama, because all that’s left is sweet and nice. Everything inside of me from my past is screaming out for a little drama now. I hear messages in my subconscious mind to the tune of: get out of town, leave work, leave your business, stop seeing friends who you believe will reject you… almost every day. It’s would appear to the unresolved mind as if the medicine of Good and Peace I have been praying for all my life is making me angry and frustrated.

It’s not a stretch to understand that when peace enters your life, you feel a sense of lack or emptiness—but the lack in this case is a good thing. The problem is that your mind doesn’t know how to process the good its receiving. Your mind and body have been dealing with drama issues your entire life, and now it just needs something to attend to.

So, why not start a new project or focus that “drama” energy on something that can change your life forever? Start writing that book you have been wanting to write, or that project that is a one-in-a-million idea that can make you a vast amount of money.

I have been focusing my newfound energy on positive ways to become more success in business. I’m surprised at how much extra energy I have at writing a new book proposal and finishing my latest manuscript. Yesterday, I realized I had written 1500 pages of text that needs editing and formatting for the book. All of this good happened because I finally achieved enough peace in my life to invest prosperity-producing energy to my future. This is a great thing.

And what about wanting to slap that person who is so loving to you? Well, if you are not used to be treated with kindness, the expectation is that eventually that loving person is going to treat you poorly. To translate that, you believe that underneath that sugary smile is really meanness or rejection. So, you want to wipe off the mask on the face of love, so that you can reveal what you have been expecting has been there all along.

Can you face that same person and share with him or her what you are feeling in a way that doesn’t push your friend or partner away? Can you explain what comes up for you when you are faced with secure attachment? If you can, you may do exactly what the darkness doesn’t want you to do: Shed some light on the issue. You see, where there is light, literally, darkness has no power to pull you back in.

When we speak our authentic truth in a palatable way to a securely attached person, we actually get compassion in return. Securely attached by definition means that this individual understand that to have a relationship you must have intimate communication. Your issues are expected and brought to the surface to resolve, not to hide. This kind of communication dissolves all negative matter in its wake and allows for your truth to be heard, your life to be managed, and your relationships to remain secure.

* * *

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