You Are Still Good

What made you think you weren’t still good? Did you happen to take a look at your expiration date this morning and think: hmmm, that once-tender meat is looking a little fatty and old? Or did you notice that your joints weren’t working the same way that they used to? Perhaps, tomorrow the warranty is up on your knees.

We absolutely only have a certain amount of time on this earth. No one knows how long that is. From the moment we come out of the birth canal, we begin to age. Did you ever notice how nice a baby’s breath smells? Compare that to your own in the morning. Something is dead in there. But what?

Everything that we think in our minds is expressing itself in our bodies. Are you thinking sick thoughts?

I’m not one of those fanatics who believes that all sickness comes from the thoughts we think. But I’m willing to stretch out beyond my comfort zone and say that what we think certainly impacts our bodies.

If you think that you are too old to exercise, then you haven’t tried chair yoga or bouncing on a fitness ball. If you are sedentary and can’t get up off your chair, there are compression exercises you can do with your hands and legs. Okay, if you can’t move your arms and legs, exercise your mind.

In theory, yoga is more of a meditative practice than an asana (movement) practice by virtue of its purpose. Yoga was meant to make you acutely aware of your body and breath, so that you could let the physical go during meditation. The yogis believed that God is the breath. Breath is what animates and moves the physical body. When you die, the first thing that happens is you stop breathing. So, it stands to good reason that something vastly holy and auspicious happens when we discover the meaning of the breath.

In most meditative practices, the objective is to simply watch the breath and not control it at all. In this process we become one with it or observers of it. Either way we alter the mental state enough to enter into a new paradigm of thought—nirvana, some call it.

If I can reach nirvana as a 53 years old, then I am just as useful and powerful as I was when I could do ten pirouettes and split jumps. Trust me, power jazz ain’t happening anymore. My body has its limitations. But my mind certainly doesn’t. I’m willing to believe that today, my very essence is more vital than it was when I was in my twenties. I believe this because every day, as my body diminishes in power, I become stronger spiritually.

Perhaps, that’s exactly the way the Creator intended. This way, we will have learned and experienced the world when we are young. Then realize that the world has little to offer compared to a spiritual connection rich with peace and unlimited joy. In fact, when this spiritual realization occurs, our physical lives become richer. Not only do we understand and know the difference between good and bad, but we have the knowledge to choose what’s best for us experientially.

I have never wanted to go back in time and relive my past. I still believe that, even though my body gets closer to its expiration date, I still have a lot of good and wonderful days ahead. You can believe that too.

* * *

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