You Are this Week’s Winner!

Last week I went to a dear friend’s house warming party. A Blackjack table was on the schedule of events. I looked forward to that particular part of the evening. Since gambling is illegal in Tennessee, they decided to make the game a raffle. Whoever won the most money by investing 20 dollars per 1000 chips, would win the pot at the end of the evening.

I arrived at the party, got something to eat, had a tasty Mojito, and sat my tidy little butt down at the Blackjack table and stayed there way too long. The next thing you know, it was two hours later and the entire table was filled with laughing, crazy friends, wagering all of their money, as the time was running out for the grand prize.

What no one realized was that I started playing about an hour before everyone else, so I had racked up 4000 chips. No one could have possibly beaten me, so they were betting all of their money on one hand. Of course, the dealer had Blackjack. I, on the other hand, sat back and bet 25 chips on that hand, which was the lowest bet. In the end, I won $280. Not a bad gain for going to a fun party with friends.

I tell this story because I have been saying a prosperity prayer every morning with Allen. My pastor, Dr. Mitch Johnson of Center of Spiritual Living Nashville, wrote this:

“I am an irresistible magnet with the power to draw to myself every good thing I desire. God’s storehouse has all abundance, and there is an unlimited supply of prosperity available to me right now. I claim my desire as mine already. I am now realizing its possession. The Law of increase and the Law of attraction are now working on my behalf easily and harmoniously for the greatest good for all, as I am a giver to life. I promise myself to imagine it as already so, until I can’t imagine anything else. Thank You, God, that this is so. And so it is!”

We have been saying this prayer for about two months. Suddenly, everywhere I look there is prosperity or the possibility of prosperity. I believe with all my heart the words I speak every morning, so what I believe in mind comes to me in kind.

Since I have been praying this prayer, I have seen a 30% increase in business, bills decreasing, unexpected gifts, and the idea of lack decreasing considerably. Remember, I was a child of lack. My family of six kids sometimes had only $10 for groceries for a great deal of my teenage years. Hot rock soup was a staple in our house. So, believing in God’s ability to take care of me, has not only been difficult, but it has been completely out of any paradigm I’ve ever lived in.

You must agree, that it seems the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This isn’t just a fact; it’s a principle! When a person of wealth loses in the stock market or in a business venture, it doesn’t take long for that person to regain the wealth. It is as if wealth is in his/her DNA.

If you were to ask a person of wealth about the possibility of lack, I doubt very much that most wealthy people would even consider being poor an option. People who have had a vast amount of money since they were born have an unwritten agreement with spirit that they will always prosper. However, someone who is poor who wins the lottery, might sweep through the winnings in a few years and become poor again even after having millions. There are documented cases of this happening to poor lottery winners. The only reason this could possibly occur would be because of the mental state of the person receiving the winnings.

So, today, I CHOOSE to be abundant. Do you think you can say that with me? Try saying the affirmation above every day for a month and simply see what happens when you change your mind.

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