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I have had several clients over the years with stories like this: I am going to work my ass off—12 hours a day—so, that I can have a great retirement. So, six days a week, each of them spends more time stressed and working—than enjoying life. As I have followed some of these clients over the years, now that I’ve been coaching for 25 years (God, I’m young!), I noticed that the majority gets sick and has severe health problems before retirement age—if they reach 65! What is wrong with this picture? To maintain a life with this much stress, most of these people either smoke or have weight problems, as well, both leading to heart issues in the future.

I go back to balance in all areas of life. If you don’t have equal amounts of social life, work, intimacy, health, and fun, you lose valuable minutes, hours, and days. A good friend died a couple of weeks ago at 33, and a dear friend of mine lost an older brother yesterday. We don’t have time to waste, my loves. Life can slip away without our permission, at any moment. Death always brings me a dose of reality, which it should. Our human existence was never meant to last forever. It remains as long as we learn our life’s lessons and become an integral part of humanity.

Today is the day you begin to make a bucket list. Each day you must move forward toward one or more of the items. If you are not, you haven’t been taking hold of life.

1). Social behavior. Every week, make a special point doing one of the following: Meeting a friend or friends for dinner or coffee, asking someone to join you in a fun or interesting adventure, go to the movies with someone, or invite a friend or friends to dinner.

2). Most of us have a plan to write a novel, a book, a song, build a business, or open a restaurant. Why haven’t you worked toward your dream? I have written 13 books and produced a DVD for yoga, because I get up at 5 a.m. and write every day. After which, I do yoga, which is the next item on our list.

3). Health should be something that you work on daily. You will never make it to retirement if you aren’t taking care of this very fragile human body. Become gluten free, do yoga or an exercise program every day, do muscle building every other day, take adventurous walks, and occasionally bounce on a fitness ball when you have no time for any of the above. Every meal is important, because it provides nutrition and energy for your body.

4). Intimacy: If you avoid intimate relationships because you don’t think you’re worthy of one or that anyone would be interested, then you must begin to put yourself out in the dating seen and face your fear. Only if you are avoiding your loneliness daily with work and an addiction, do you need to focus in on writing that self bio for an on-line dating website. Just be careful. Make sure you meet a perspective date in a well-lit, crowded place for your first and second meeting, or until you feel safe.

Remember, balance is the way to get this party started and actually live life to your fullest!


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