You Don’t Need a Kindle Reader to Download a Kindle Book

I recently posted that my book is out on Kindle. What this means is that if you buy Angel Feast, A Vegan Diet for a New World on Amazon Kindle, Amazon will send you a free Kindle Reader (an App) that downloads right to your computer, iPhone, or IPad. When you click on the book, the reader opens, creating the feeling that you are on a Kindle Reader. I have this App on my computer and on my iPhone as well. They work perfectly, making any Kindle book ready to read on any of your current devices.

Just as a Kindle, you can alter the Kindle preview viewers to larger font sizes, page color, amount of print on a page, etc. This App also automatically connects to the Internet if, for some reason, you  need a definition. You can just click directly on the word, which will open a dictionary in any language.

I highly recommend the Kindle App Reader as it is free and also will allow you to read my new cookbook and any of my previously published works. Remember this week it is only $3.99. You can simply click on the button below to take you to the purchase menu in Amazon.

It will be another month until the paper version will be available. Right now, however, Angel Feast is online and mobile, you can print out recipes, go to Angelfeast.com to the Angel Food Cookbook Gallery, which has amazing pictures of great food so that you can understand how to present your recipes.

You can also use the cookbook with the online helper on my YouTube channel: Angel Feast.  There are over 20 videos of me sharing the ways to create these Angel Feast Recipes.

Thanks so much,

Bo Sebastian

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