Your Attachment Style

Today if you want to participate in this test, you’ll have to go to the blog to do it. Facebook would not allow for a graph to be inserted here where I would need to place 3 columns with pertinent boxes showing you which boxes to check if you satisfy the category. This test is wonderful to show you who you are in relationship. Finding out who you are is the first step to finding a fulfilling and loving relationship. So, I encourage you to take the test and see the results on my blog link below. Here are some samples of statements you will find:


Finding Your Attachment Style

(First published in 1998 by Kelly Brennan, Catherine Clark and Phillip Shaver, later revised by Niels Waller and Kelly Brennan)


  A B C
I often worry that my partner will stop loving me. O    
I find it easy to be affectionate with my partner.   O  
I fear that once someone gets to know the real me, s/he won’t like who I am. O    
I find that I bounce back quickly after a breakup. It’s weird how I can just put someone out of my mind.     O
When I’m not involved in a relationship, I feel somewhat anxious and incomplete. O    
I find it difficult to emotionally support my partner when s/he is feeling down.     O
When my partner is away, I’m afraid that s/he might become interested in someone else. O    
I feel comfortable depending on romantic partners.   O  
My independence is more important to me than my relationships.     O
I prefer not to share my innermost feelings with my partner.     O
When I show my partner how I feel, I’m afraid s/he will not feel the same about me. O    
I am generally satisfied with my romantic relationships.   O  
I don’t feel the need to act out much in my romantic relationships.   O  
I think about my relationships a lot. O    
I find it difficult to depend on romantic partners.     O
I tend to get very quickly attached to a romantic partner. O    
I have little difficulty expressing my needs and wants to my partner.   O  
I sometimes feel angry or annoyed with my partner without knowing why.     O
I am very sensitive to my partner’s moods. O    
I believe most people are essentially honest and dependable.   O  
I prefer casual sex with uncommitted partners to intimate sex with one person.     O
I’m comfortable sharing my personal thoughts and feelings with my partner.   O  

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