Your Brain Has No Delete Button!

I’m taking a big, deep breath. I just spent three hours editing a document. After which, I noticed that the table of contents updated itself without my wanting it to. So, I deleted the old table and copied the one I wanted into the document.

I wanted to see if the new, unformatted table would try to update itself, so I saved the document, closed it, and the reopened it again, watching to see if the table updated itself. I was relieved it didn’t. But I didn’t realize the reason it didn’t was because the rest of the document was gone. I discovered that what I saved was only the table of contents. The rest of the document I had been working on all day had inadvertently been deleted. I’m actually not sure how it happened, but now all I have left of the document is the table of contents.

Deep breath. Deeper breath. Still not deep enough. My heart is fluttering.

My entire day of work—lost. Why did that happen?

Well, you know me. I’m not one to think that things don’t happen for a reason. Something was wrong with my intent or the direction of what I had done to the document. Instead of being angry for the loss of work, I should sit still and ask the simple question: What do I need to change about how I approached my work today, so that tomorrow I won’t lose my work again? I might as well get a fresh new look at the project.

In the days of our modern computers, I can’t remember the last time I deleted a document without it being saved. I’m saving documents or auto-saving every few minutes. I have back-ups on the Icloud, back-ups on my computer, back-ups on my phone, and back-ups on my thumb drive. We typically don’t lose work these days.

Is anything really deleted? Is what I did today lost completely? We tend to think that only electronic equipment can save things, but our minds have the capacity to memorize and reorganize at a miraculous rate. I know a woman who must have everything she has ever read stored somewhere in her brain. She knows something—usually more than anyone else in the room—about almost everything you could mention. If she can remember almost everything she sees or reads, then brains must have the capacity to store data just like computers.

For instance, does a day go by when you don’t think about your one true love? Can you remember Christmas when you were ten? Did something special happen in your past that just won’t go away no matter how hard you try?

I have a few clients who come to a hypnotherapist hoping to be able to erase an old relationship. The unfortunate news is—you can’t! You can rewire your mind to think positive thoughts instead of negative ones when you think of that person. But, there is no way that the mind can simply dump memories. That is, unless, you have amnesia. Even then, doctors believe that the memories are still hidden somewhere in your subconscious just waiting for the right stimuli to cause a total recall.

Our brains have no delete button. You can’t go to the right hand corner of your head and tap there, hoping to backspace away what happened in the past. You must cope, deal, and restrategize with the information that is already in your mind, in your DNA, and in your cellular memory. We have no other choice.

Fortunately, there are ways to take old neuro pathways and cause new results! I thank God every day for hypnotherapy, (NLP) NeuroLinguistic Programming and (EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. All of these healing modalities help you rewire the brain. Even pain can greatly diminish with one or more of these treatments. I have felt the change that I speak about and greatly recommend these modalities of therapy. Branches of these therapies also include: Parts therapy, Attachment theory and therapy, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Do a search in my blog for any of the above modalities or search Google. If you are having trouble forgetting the past and waste more than ten minutes a day reliving a part of your past, it’s time to try one of the above therapies. You can change your life. The future must be in your hands.

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