Your Heart’s Content: The Bee and the Fly

The ancient Chinese mystic Confucius says, “To rank the effort above the prize” is wise. Many spiritual aphorisms have come from this Chinese teacher. Today, I experienced a workshop by one of the descendants of Confucius named Master Kong. What touched me most in this workshop was one particular metaphor that, I believe, could change my life.

Kong says that “in the Chinese culture, the metaphor of the bee working in harmony to gather honey from the beauty of the earth is much like the positive energy of the heart.” In contrast, he believes that the fly, which attracts bacteria and gathers pollutants, such as disease and pestilence is a metaphor of the negativity and disease of the body, resulting from keeping garbage in the heart.

In life, you can make your heart like a well-ordered hive, using Divine Consciousness to send out energy to the beauty and bounty of the world. In return, you will get order, honey, and harmony from this Divine Order. Or, you can let hate, anger, and fear fester in your heart, only expecting to gather the negativity and poor health that a pest will bring.

Science has proven that without bees in the world, humans would last only four to five years before perishing. One hundred thousand species of plants and animals depend upon the bee to survive. So, this metaphor is a strong one and suits us well, since Spirit operates upon a Divine Law, much like this metaphor.

If from Divine Consciousness, playing the part of your positive energy, you send out your truth and gifts to the beauty of the earth, (like the bee to pollinate, benefiting the entire world), you will gather honey and harmony in your life. However, if you allow garbage in your heart—poverty thinking and sickness to fester there—you will attract flies and disease.

This metaphor results in a mental equivalent we can very likely use as a great way to meditate. If you have a wonderful image of what you want to produce in your life, imagine sending your energy out like these worker bees. See the divine law of your prayer as the bees collecting honey and pollinating the earth with your positive thoughts and the fruit of your imagination. Then imagine that these same bees return to your heart, like the hive, with the gift—THE EFFECT of the prayer—the pure honey and harmony.

Even though I have known for years that Divine Law will cause this exact same order, even Ernest Holmes admits that having a mental equivalent will propel your dream to manifestation more quickly because of the passion that drives it. This passion was another topic Hong discussed. He considered humans to have two kinds of energy: Core Energy, which comes from the love of humanity, compassion and desire to give to the world, and Emotional Energy, which can be as vastly different as anger to love. Kong expressed that, though emotional energy can be strong, Core Energy can change the world!

When you feel fear and negativity, imagine that these effects are the result of fly-thinking, which gather around the negative thoughts in your heart. The result can only bring disease to the body and mind. Discover what thoughts and actions are causing your heart to attract flies. Then go about ridding your body and mind of those pestilent thought.

When a student in the class asked about HOW to get rid of fly-thinking, he simply said, “Why would keep thinking ‘fly’ thoughts, if you know that ‘fly’ thoughts will only bring negativity?”

The student answered, “Attachment to the negative.”

Hong replied, “Attachment to smelly garbage, so more flies comes?”

In meditation, an image is always better than words, because our subconscious mind only sees pictures and does not deduct with words. So, having a clear vision such as the metaphor of the bee and fly should be a great way to get your positive prayers answered more quickly. Send your thoughts out to the prettiest flower in the field, like a worker bee. And watch it return to you with the bounty of honey and mastery!

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