Your Lasting Good

Every time something wonderful comes along in your life, is your first thought: How long will this good last before it’s ripped away? I have spent much of my life having this kind of fear present itself every time opportunity knocks, enters, and stays awhile.

My question is: How long does good last—in general? Or, can we expect anything to last, if all of life is about change?

Even the master, Jesus, asked his followers, “Why do you call me good?” What exactly is good in the wide spectrum of life? Can we only know good if we have experienced bad? Or can we distinguish that, as long as we are living in this human body, that EVERYTHING is in its right and perfect order and working together for the good?

Also, as a counterpoint: How many times have wonderful effects come to you as a result of seemingly horrible events, such as divorce, a death, a job loss, or even a disease?

I know with absolute certainty that the most lessons I have ever learned in life have been either in the midst of, or after, a terrible tragedy. I think of the aftermath of 9-11. How many people hung flags and reached out in kindness after that event? I was astonished at the amount of good around me during that next month. It was almost as if tragedy is more of an eye-opener, than devastation, after the fact.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to underscore disaster with perfection. I simply believe that after the rightful grief and tears subside, often a very plausible and great lesson comes, if we are willing to step aside and allow for the lesson to manifest.

Good is all around us and in us at every moment of every day. What changes are the effects in our periphery? So, can we naturally assume that what is only an effect is not so permanent after all? Maybe we are right to have little expectations about any and all “effects” in our lives. However, I don’t want to live my life thinking that the next brick will fall out of the sky and onto me. No, that is not the truth for you or me, unless we choose to believe that fact.

Lately, I have been looking a life with this sense of impermanence and also without expectation. When I don’t set myself up for disappointment, by counting on my present situation to stay exactly the way it arrived, then I am simply a realist. Every thing in and on this earth is ephemeral. If you can find some object that doesn’t change, please let me know. I’d like to invest in it. Until then, I’m going to invest my time and effort on the power that creates all of my good, and open my heart wide for Divine Substance to fill it with the perfection that only Spirit can deliver.

Coming Up: The Law of Impermanence!

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