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To define your spiritual self, you must see the difference between your humanness and that place in Mind that perceives your individuality. These are two vastly different entities. But, it is with this reality that the two can become one and that your human experience can help you become enlightened.

We have learned that the to create in this world, we must connect with the Subjective Mind. From this arena or creative medium all life proceeds. We have often used the metaphor of the seed (or the thought) to the earth (the mental medium or subjective mind). We all have, as well, an individualized subjective mind that is profoundly connected to the Universal Mind, yet individuated. This gives each of us our own identity and creates our own personal perceptions—both consciously and subconsciously.

According to Sacredtexts.com, one’s own subjective mind is:

Our mental emanation in Universal Subjectivity; it is our individual use of mental law. It is also the avenue through which Instinctive Man works, carrying on the functions of the body; for it is the silent builder of the body. The subjective mind of the individual is the working of Instinctive Man within himself, plus all of his conscious and subconscious experiences.

Breaking this down is not easy, because you must have a working understanding of metaphysics and the Science of Mind to clearly comprehend the terminology here. Heretofore, I will try to make this easier to understand.

Each of us gives off individual energy. We all have a way of processing the effects of our day, of reacting to that which happens around us, and use it to help or hinder us on our individual paths. This is our mental emanation. This is the energy we give off to the world from our own personal storage of energy and thought.

This storage place of thought is also where we create our own laws for ourselves and use them to frame our world. Without this ability to function individually, we would not be able to take care of our bodies and use our personal mind to guide us in our work, relationships, and personal lives. So, our individual subjective mind is really more or less the storage place for our thought. It is the brain, because it is where we store both conscious and subconscious thought. Within our brain is also a human storage place for DNA and instinct, which is like the mainframe of a computer that comes with system software to help the computer function properly.

The human brain is not to be confused with Mind, because the Mind is the place where we universally coalesce with God and all other sentient beings. Our own individual minds are only individual if we keep ourselves from connecting to the whole. In other words, an electrical current can happen from a battery (DC power) or you can connect to the main outlet of your house, to the city, or to the world. There is individual thought, but all thought, more or less, comes from the one power source—Divine Mind. All thought comes from this One, Universal Mind.


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