Your Struggle Has an End

I remember a woman who had survived cancer only to find out that, once again, her body was riddled with it in almost every vital organ. She took the news like a trooper. I asked her what was her secret to happiness. She answered:

“Everything that is and was has already happened. The secret to my happiness is that I am thankful for it, but I don’t live in the past. I take pleasure in what is happening right now, no matter what that is. Now is my only moment…

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…to thrive and to be happy. I’m not going to waste it.”

I’ll never forget that moment. She ended up living far longer than anyone could have imagined with her degree of cancer. Her attitude alone kept her healthier and free of debilitating pain.

I also believe she understood that in human life there is a beginning, middle and end to everything. There is nothing wrong with a flower wilting and dying at the end of its journey.

I wish we could hold on to things and that life wouldn’t change, especially the good. Let’s face it: Life changes. It either evolves or dies. I take pleasure in knowing this, because I realize that every step in this life is about adventure—not destiny.

Most of what I have worked toward in life has come to pass. Trust me when I say this:

The journey was far longer and contained more than the few moments of glory at the end of the path. When we realize this part of life, we stop striving so hard and relax into the beautiful and authentic moments that each step toward our goals is even more important than the goals themselves.


You don’t get to this voice if reason or recognize it unless you spend time with yourself in silence, asking yourself important self-talk questions. This is like dating. You must get to know the voice of the Spirit by spending time in meditation and silence. This is the only I know to clearly download the power of wisdom and recognize the voice—IN TIMES OF TRAUMA—that is always directing YOU into safety!


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