You’re Running Slowly… Clear Your History—Just like Your Computer…

We all know that in the world of computers that there comes a time when we have to clear that all-important cache to make room for more auxiliary memory. What exactly does your computer clear when it wipes away that stopped-up storage space? History, things you don’t need, old passwords, past places you have visited, but mostly and more importantly—the past!

When your computer screen freezes up, the problem is usually that too much memory is being used in the cache—in the past! Am I singing to the choir yet? “So, choir, what do we got to do? We have to empty out that old crotchety past and reboot our lives today, or else we gonna freeze up and die from cache-crash! Can I hear an Amen?”

Tomorrow carries with it the capacity to hold unlimited truth, prosperity, love, right relationship, and good news! And I’m telling you the truth. I had a friend just call me and tell me a story about carrying his last dollar and not knowing where his next 10 dollars was going to come from for gas. He got into the corner and prayed for God to take over, because he could no longer carry the burden.

I’ll tell you what Unlimited Source did for my friend. Source found him some major business that brought in a great deal of money in two days, found him a new job where he wouldn’t have to worry about the future, gave him a new outlook, and put a few people in his life to encourage him in the last few days, even strangers. That all happened in a couple days. That’s unlimited God at work. He went from a cache-crash to a rebooted, unlimited spirit singing the praises of God.

Every time I have a limited thought, I tell myself, “There is no need to worry about the bills next month. I have been created by Unlimited Source. Therefore, I am made of the very cells of God, a creator, and maker of all. I have nothing to worry about. I will be inspired and work will flow my way as it always has.”

You know what? This is exactly what happens. Everyday. Every week. Every month. Every year. I find myself making more, having less debt, attracting more opportunity, having better and more authentic friendships and relationships every moment that I step forward into life.

Don’t step backward. Get rid of that nasty past. Clear it out. Walk away from the old and don’t look back or else you might turn into a pillar of salt.

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